The 1 Thing You Can Do to Get Your Energy Back

Would you LOVE to have all the energy you need to get EVERYTHING done that you want to get done? YES! Me Too! Today’s blog is on this topic of eating and dieting  and what we do that comes natural and steals our energy from the important things in our life. What comes natural to us is to attack weight loss in the form of restriction, going on a diet that requires weighing or measuring food, logging details of what you eat so you get an instant read on if you are doing “good” or “bad”.

How are you doing so far, this year?

This process is crazy, really.

When you think about it,

Every waking moment is centered around food

How much

What kind

Ooh that’s too much…

Ohh I’m still so hungry!

When is the next time I get to eat?

I wonder if it will really make a difference if I eat this cookie…

…or 3 or …….

I will just have to run (bike or drill myself to death) to burn them off

I will be ok

I still have 6 weeks…

I’ve got plenty of time.


Does this sound familiar?

Why do we spend so much energy around what, when, how much and so on?

Total WASTE of energy.

And to take this to the next level…

Why do you think most people “cheat” on a “diet”?

ENERGY…the lack of it.

Really, it truly does.

There is a ton of evidence out there that tells us the decisions that we make are directly affected by our level of stress and exhaustion.

The human brain expends so much energy trying to help you logically deal with this issue of food, the brain gets tired, you get emotionally drained from all the toxic thought backwash and this sends you packing for “other” food that will help you to feel better or give you much needed energy to finish out your day.

So, you can begin anew tomorrow.

Do you see the cycle?

One of the health models I coach my clients is the Energy Gainer and Drainer activity.

From this activity, you will get a clear picture of what excites you and what is pulling much needed energy from you.

The relationship, or rather, HOW a person does food, is typically at the top of the list. One of the top reasons women come to work with me is because they want to stop thinking about food all the time.

Once you commit to a diet, there are 2 things you can bet on, 1) you will think about food ALL the time, 2) if you lose the weight you want…it is going to come back.

You may be thinking…  “that is an awful thing to say.”

Yes…. but a true one.

Studies show that only 2% of those that go on a diet to lose weight keep the weight off after 2 years. AFTER 2 years.

Take a deep breath and recall the reason you want to lose weight.

Is it because you want to experience this same process again and again?

I don’t think so.

There are several ways to ensure success with weight loss or loving your body. ENERGY, and your management of it, is one of those keys. The human body is given a certain amount of energy each day. Since, energy cannot be created…we can only manage it. Good management leads to much energy to fulfill your goals and dreams.

There are certain foods that will give you energy and some that will take it away. Same goes with every other aspect of your life. Everyone is different, so your list will not be the same as your friends. We are unique and incredibly intelligent beings. Our body knows exactly what will fill us up with energy…we have only to observe and listen.

Here is step #1 for you. Go through this process of Energy Gainer and Drainer Activity and see what comes up for you.

Once you complete this exercise, fill your life with what brings you energy and do what you can to eliminate as much of the energy drainers from your life as possible.   These energy drainers are one of the things that is keeping you from your success. AND the bonus is….this activity is easy to implement.

You will feel lighter just by getting it all on a piece of paper.

Download Energy Journal Here.

I would love to know how it turns out. Please leave your comment below.

love & hugs, Ashly

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