How do you SEE it? A Mindset Journey

I began 2018 with high hopes. Anything could be better than 2017. That year is what most would call “rough”, “hard” etc..  My family experienced several deaths. I attended 7 funerals including my grandmother and uncle. At the time, I termed it a tough year. A year I didn’t want to experience again. You know how it is….some years you could repeat they were so fun, and others….tough, hard and no sense in repeating or reliving in the mind.

I approached 2018 with hope, a vision, a future I was excited to create. 2018 was not what I expected and as I look back and reflect on 2018, I see that it was my mindset that truly saved me and completely transformed my year.

As I look back at 2018, it is not the challenges I see, but, the grace, beauty, love, courage, commitment, compassion, faith, forgiveness and complete and total surrender. All wrapped up in Gratitude.

I realize, that most would look upon the year I just experienced and see it as challenging, hard, tough, yucky, and one not to be repeated.

The beautiful, most exquisite thing is….it is based solely on perception. I choose, just as you choose, how to see the experiences in life.

My father had a 2nd hip replacement surgery January of 2018, 2 weeks later, sepsis stepped in. My father went from a man of 79 years and NO health issues, to a man who was fighting for his life. We almost lost him. If it hadn’t been for HIS mindset and HIS strength of will, this story would be different.

He was hospitalized for 5 months and experienced 11 surgeries over the course of one year (2018).

During this same time, my youngest son was hospitalized the day before Mother’s Day with symptoms that were leading to a diabetic coma. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes that weekend at the age of 25.

Along with all that, life happens, business goes on, and personal growth is an opportunity to excel at and thrive OR suppress and save for another day.

I chose to EXCEL and THRIVE.

Here is what I did:

Through all these experiences of 2018 I showed up differently. I didn’t show up as the anxiety ridden girl who fears all. As most of you know, over the course of 18 years I have been on a quest. A quest for freedom from anxiety, fear, jealousy, anger….all the emotions that create disturbances in the deepest parts of the soul.

The last 2 years challenged me, and I look back and see that I am Victorious.

We are meant to live FREE, embraced by and engaged in LOVE.
In 2018 I soaked up the nuggets of Love, Courage, Commitment, Compassion, Faith, Forgiveness, Surrender and Gratitude.

These 9 sacred metabolizers were the foundation of my childhood. I have cultivated and nourished them during the wise years of becoming a queen, a woman of faith, a woman who stands firm in her own footprint. In 2018, those sacred metabolizers, sprouted fruit in my life.

I am so grateful for all the trials and tribulations 2017 and 2018 brought. No, it wasn’t “fun”, No, I don’t want to experience it again, BUT, oh yes…I wouldn’t trade the experiences and gifts that were gleaned for anything in the world.

You see, so many beautiful and wonderful things happened.

The relationship with my Daddy elevated.

The relationship with my Mama, elevated.

The relationship among the sibs, elevated.

The relationship with my sweet family, elevated.

My coaching practice, elevated.

I launched a corporate speaking business.

I created a Mindset training that elevates all who participate.

We, the BIG family, ended the year celebrating life in Maui, ALL TOGETHER (34 of us).

I see now, so clearly, what I am creating, among my family, my friends, my practice, and my business…..


That is truly what life, my life, is all about.

What is your life about? Are you ready to transform it and LIVE FREE? FREE from the STRUGGLE of negative thinking – FREE from the STRUGGLE of sabotaging behavior – FREE from the STRUGGLE of pain?

This year I have 3 offerings to help guide and support you on your journey to living FREE. Free with love for self, love for your physical and spiritual body.  It is a soulful journey; One that transforms your mind, your heart, and your emotions.

Engage with me! 💛

I look forward to seeing you shine 🌟


One to one Coaching

This is the place to transform your mind, heart, and emotions so they are in alignment with your purpose, your reason for being. Fears stop us from being free. Fear saturates the life with eating issues and behaviors, body hate, emotional disturbances felt through anxiety, the fear of not being good enough, a closed mindset believing that nothing good ever happens.

Make the final shift, the shift towards freedom.

Learn how to:

  • emotionally regulate disturbances caused by fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, irritation, frustration, and worry
  • create a rock-solid mindset that creates results in EVERY aspect of your life
  • eliminate eating and exercise behaviors that sabotage your health

Finally, LIVE FREE!

One to one sessions are done via phone, facetime, or face to face. Click here for details.

Mindset BootCamp

Shift your mindset from toxic to vibrant. A toxic mindset set is low energy and stuck in the muck OR spinning out of control. In this course you will GAIN a vibrant mindset, one that is energetic and goal achieving.

  • Acquire Balance so you get to the top and have FUN in your life.
  • Break through barriers and experience consistent growth with easy follow up and follow through.
  • Whatever you are bumping up against…we will get you to the next level.
  • Physical health will shift, and you will have more energy and get things done easily.

This 4-week course lays the foundation for a Rock-Solid Mindset so that moving forward is the only direction you know. This program is delivered via zoom and the private Mindset Boot-Camp Facebook group.

Contact me for details

Mindset Endorsements

END the Struggle

The NewYou90 day challenge is underway! It is not too late to register.This 90-day system combines the best of both worlds – Fat Loss AND Mind Body Nutrition. This is the key that unlocks the cage to YOUR food and body struggles. This is a group coaching, eating and supplementation plan.

What this program WILL do for you:

  1. You will feel leaner, lighter, fabulous, and FREE!
  2. Your relationship with food and you will shift from one of struggle to PEACE.
  3. You will lose the fat weight you have been wanting to lose.

Join US! It is not too late!

Find out more here. Registration ends January 30th.

I look forward to experiencing life with you in 2019 🌟

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