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I love my support team! They keep me on task, inspired, comforted, & empowered. Do you have a support team like that? Mine is made up of my Hubby, my sisters, friends, body talk practitioner, mentors, & colleagues.

It is vitally important to have a team of people that support you on your life’s journey, which includes your journey to living happy, inspired and free from your body jail.

Finding your way through the convoluted maze of diets and exercise routines all alone is trying on the emotions; especially when you have been riding the dieting roller coaster for most of your life.

This summer I am going to help you develop a support team, one that is experiencing the same trials with food and body relationship as you. AND now you can finally partake in the E.N.D. Home-Study Course and meet all these beautiful women and soon-to-be friends.

The ABB Summer Sale is underway for the next 3 weeks. First, I want to gift you with 1 of 12 models that I coach in this home-study course and all my one-to-one clients: The Kitchen Cleanse!

You don’t want to start this adventure without first cleaning out your kitchen. Take this opportunity to get it done now!

Get your free Kitchen Cleanse today!

Now for the FUN part! From June 22 to July 12th, I am promoting the E.N.D. Home Study Course for 25% off its regular price. The value of the program is $2285. But you will not pay that. You won’t even pay the regular price of $297!

Today it is only $223.

That is 25% of the regular price PLUS instead of 4 group coaching calls you will receive 8 group coaching calls. AND that isn’t all.

The beauty of this program is that you do this at your own pace. You have 4 modules that you view on your own time, then 1 time each week we will meet for a group coaching call where I will solidify the teaching of each module. There is a time for Q & A and sharing.

There is so much more with this program. Get the details here!

Call me if you hit a glitch or hiccup. I am here to help you 🙂

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