Is your rhythm turning you on?

I LOVE being in rhythm! I love it because when it comes to dancing and singing…I am always off rhythm. It is ok to laugh with me :o) I don’t know what it is…but staying in rhythm to music can be very difficult for me. I have to relax, be present and in the moment and REALLY be in my body.

That is why I like circadian rhythm so much more…it is easy-peezy for me. Being in rhythm with the sun for eating & sleeping is rejuvenating and invigorating. I love the ease with which life flows in this rhythm, this pace, this format. It brings our body to life. Our metabolic machine hums and burns when we honor the CRS (Circadian Rhythm of the Sun).

In this place you will burn fat, gain more energy, increase your body’s immune system and have healthier bones and digestive system; just for scheduling your day along with the sun’s cycle.

HOWEVER, in the summer, it is more challenging.

Listen to this video I made that helps you with your Summer Rhythm – eating, planning and sleeping.

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I will see you soon!

Love & hugs!


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