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BMI vs BCI is a serious conversation. Body Mass Index (height to weight ratio) and Body Composition Index (Muscle to Fat ratio). BMI is not an accurate tool to measure health. When Robert and I graduated and got married, we applied for life insurance. My handsome hubby had 3% body-fat BUT his BMI labeled him as obese.

So getting a good rate on life insurance took some doing on the part of our agent. You see, 3% body-fat shows that his muscle to fat ratio was on the extremely healthy side. Whereas the body mass index reflected a person who was unhealthy.  Robert was a power-lifter/bodybuilder, he created this ratio all on his own with ALOT of hard work in the weight room.

NOW, for the past year, I have been working with an eating protocol with supplementation that aids the body in the ability to decrease fat while

BMI vs BCI_blkINCREASING lean tissue (that’s muscle mass) without the hardcore weight training that Robert had to do back in the day.

The beautiful thing about this program is that is helps both men and women!

With sensible eating protocol, supplementation that actually benefits the body, with absolutely NO artificial stimulation, you CAN reach your natural desired weight.

But wait…aren’t I the one that is so against dieting in a punishing way to lose weight. YES I AM!

I had to meet you in the middle. Maybe you have considered coaching with me BUT you NEEDED to lose the fat faster so you went to something else. OR you just were not ready to do the work on your food behaviors.

No matter what the reason is…..RIGHT NOW is your time.

All these reasons and more is why I love this so much. You get to eat real live clean food in the way the body enJOYs! Plus find a movement program that works well for you, INCREASE lean tissue so your body will burn MORE fat at rest than it does right now,  PLUS coaching with me.

Let’s face it….with this program the fat is easy to lose...it’s the keeping it off that is tough. It is the food behaviors that have been around for decades that will bring you to the place where you are now. So coaching is an essential part of this protocol.

If you are curious then sign up for this free webinar Tuesday, May 9th at 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm CST. I will send you the link to join the webinar. Just let me know which one you want to attend and I will do the rest! Join up here for 4:00 pm CST. Join up here for 7:30 pm CST.

A NewYouin90? oh yes!

If you can’t wait till May 9th for the goodies, just contact me now…I’ll help ya! info@ashlytorian.com


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