Bunnies are Everywhere! Getting Side-Tracked

Bunnies seem to be in abundance this year. I do believe we have 3 times more bunnies this year than last year. Star is in “Dog heaven”! She can’t wait to go for a walk every day. Once she spots a bunny, she attempts to dislocate my shoulder just so she can go on an all-out chase with the bunny.

Thank goodness, the mama tone “uh-uh” works on her. She will freeze in mid-air once that is uttered from my lips. And my shoulder is saved!

Today, we went out for a walk and saw the bunny you see below hoppin’ across the lawn. Star attempts to rip my arm out of its socket when she hears “Uh-Uh” and she stops in mid stride to do my bidding. What a sweet obedient puppy.

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Don’t get distracted!

Well…. Maybe not. For the entire walk, she keeps trying to turn me around and go back looking for that bunny. This girl is truly side-tracked. She can’t take 2 steps without digging in her strong legs, stiffening up her neck to slip out of the collar and giving me a look of “I am not going a step further until I can get that rabbit!”

I know how she feels.

I get side-tracked like that too.

Don’t you?

Here is an example:

You have the all-out intention to workout in the mornings…but sleep, beautiful, perfect, extra sleep is calling your name.

You have the all-out intention to meditate first thing in the morning…but rushing out the door takes precedence.

You have the all-out intention to stick to that meal plan…but gosh, its hot and you are tired and going through the drive-thru is so much easier.

We look at these and think that it’s sleep, lack of organization or fatigue that keeps us side-tracked…but is it ?.?.

Yes, sleep is a major component to being healthy. In fact, if you want to read my thoughts on that, read this sleep article I wrote a while back.

Lack of Organization causes undue levels of stress. And as you know, stress is the #1 cause of dis-ease in our world. Anything we can do to reduce or eliminate stress is another major component to being healthy.

Fatigue is so common that it is becoming the norm. If you aren’t fatigued, then you must not be working, trying or striving enough.  Or the prognosis is chronic fatigue and the best excuse ever is at your fingertips.

I’d prefer to take a deeper look and ask a very important question:

If my intention is to give myself the greatest care that I am capable of then why am I allowing myself to become sidetracked by small things that can be easily rectified?

Star can be pulled off course so easily with a bunny hoppin’ across the trail. And if she gets loose and runs on her own, she could wind up nose to nose with a snake down in one of those gulley’s that we have around here.

Star is adamant
Star is adamant!

When we allow forces to side-track us, we find ourselves nose to nose with something that will continue to hold us back from living the life we desire in a body we love.

Ask yourself the question, what outside force am I allowing to sidetrack me away from the intention I have for my life? It’s not the small things. It is something bigger and holds a deeper meaning in your life. It is not about fatigue, lack of organization or even sleep…those are the symptoms.

The question is…What are those the symptoms of?

After some deep soul searching, please leave a comment below. I would love to know how this lands for you.

Love & hugs,




One thought on “Bunnies are Everywhere! Getting Side-Tracked

  1. This is good, Ashly. I love how you bring in Star as your example. It brings your article to everyone’s special love, a dog. Also, the way you read Star’s mine is so cute.

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