Is sustainable fat loss possible?

Moment_ButterfllyWhen I first began my journey in the Eating Psychology realm, I was looking for something to save me. My food life had become toxic. Not to mention, most of my clients experienced the same toxicity around eating. Something had to be done. I went on the search and came across this body of work that truly changed my life and the life of those I work with closely.

Having the background of Personal Fitness Training, most requests that I get are about losing fat. So, let’s go there. Losing fat is of high priority in the minds of women and men. In fact, just today there are almost 43 million articles written on Lose Fat Fast. I do believe this is of great importance for most.
But, the statistics show that 98% of those that seek out diets for weight loss actually gain all the weight back. How disappointing for those that want lasting results.

Have you asked yourself the question… “What could I do to bring weight loss results that last?”

When we step fully into what we want to attain, we tap into our greatest metabolizing power.
When we step fully into what we want to attain, we tap into our greatest metabolizing power.

Get quiet for a moment and listen for an answer to be revealed.

I can pretty much guarantee that the answer is not going to be restrict more, exercise more, stop eating…Your body knows what it needs. All that needs to happen is to listen for the answer. It will surprise you.

Your next question may be… “How do I learn to do this?” “How do I learn what my body needs to eat?”

In the TruHealth + Eating Psychology Coaching 90 day challenge, this will be revealed to you.

Wouldn’t it be great to understand and know your dietary needs, exercise needs and the soulful lessons along the way that truly make a difference with sustainable weight loss. In this case, fat loss.

Metabolizing power comes from operating in parasympathetic dominance, oxygen, being with what is, awareness, slow, intentional,  managing energy. Our body is made to THRIVE!

Are you ready for your body to thrive?

Join me July 1st, 2017 for the TruHealth + Eating Psychology Coaching 90 Day Challenge.

The TruHealth System is my go-to when clients want to lose fat.  Mannatech TRUHealth System

This is the key to unlock the cage to your food and body struggles. Ready?

See you in the Challenge!


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