Tacos! YUM!!

I love tacos…don’t you? But they sound sinful and not so healthy.

This is not a true thought. All your favorite foods can be made differently to create a healthier option. Take a look at this, for instance.

As a Texan…tex-mex food is a given…so I went on a journey of creating healthy and yummy tacos, burritos and all sorts of tex-mex delights.

This blog is all about tacos and soft tacos. Let me know your thoughts and creations below.

The reason I love taco night is, you can make EVERYONE happy. Doesn’t matter if they love the original form, a gluten free form or a no grain form…everyone is h-a-p-p-y and satisfied.

Taco night at my house is experimentation night. I offer up taco meat, refried beans (made with coconut oil), chopped tomatoes, olives, avocadoes, black beans, parmesan cheese, feta cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, and salsa.

For those of you who like a little “zazz” can add onions and jalapenos.

To wrap the innards, use:

  • Large lettuce leaves – I like collard greens – they are heartier and holds everything together
  • Corn tortillas – Ezekiel brand is sprouted and organic – these also crisp up so it becomes a real taco shell – as you heat it place the tortilla in a stone taco holder
  • Gluten Free tortillas – Udi’s is a good brand – very soft and tasty
  • Or a Hearty Grain tortilla – Ezekiel or Udi’s are tasty

All of this is served with (my) black bean salad, you can find it here: Ashly’s Black Bean Salad.

One hiccup for most of my clients is that when they change their eating protocol, their family still eats the same way as before. Well on Taco night, it doesn’t matter, everyone can be satisfied.

Most meals that are prepared at home can be made healthy and delightful, the key is options. When the family has options, they tend to try new things, and if not…then they still have their favorites around.

Remember the big key here is HOW you eat. It plays a much bigger role than you might thing in the digestion of these delicious tacos. Eat slow, savor the taste, and enjoy…most importantly, stop BEFORE you reach full.

What have you done to create healthy and delicious tacos? Please share!


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