3 Ways to Burn More Fat Every Day

Fat is all the rage these days. I love the concept of eating essential fats so your body can burn more fat. That is utterly cool! AND I’ll do a blog on that topic shortly.

But the human mindset is geared toward working hard to burn fat and lose fat. Well, you really don’t. You don’t have to “kill” yourself to get rid of fat. Seems a little odd, huh?

I have come to believe that stressing yourself out about not working out hard is a counter-productive move. Not only are you not workout out, but, you are putting the body in a stress response with judgement where the only recourse for the body is to hold onto fat for protection.

Why not chill instead?

Here are my 3 ways to burn fat in a relaxed, easy going manner:burn fat, fat, exercise, slow down, breathe,  taichi, yoga

#1 TAKE YOUR TIME – Slow Down and Eat Slow

You’ve heard me talk about this on an earlier blog, in fact, I’ve written several on this topic. This one technique literally saved me. If it hadn’t been for this, I would still be a mess and afraid to eat which had me operating in a stress response and burning my muscle mass instead of burning fat. YIKES!


I love these. To completely stop what I am doing and focus on my breath for a few minutes, is a daily vacation I like to splurge in. Breath with slow movement is also a beneficial way to put the body in a relaxed state for fat burning effects. Slow movement, meaning a yoga flow or taichi, but sitting and breathing with focus on the breath is easy and convenient to implement into your schedule. Check out my mindful breathing technique that I give in my book, Join Me in the E.N.D. Zone. Check out the tools section for a complete list of fat burning options.


This is another one I take advantage of, especially when I am working from my desk. Does your body get antsy just sitting there? Mine sure does. When my leg begins to bounce, I know it is PAST time for me to GET UP & MOVE. So this is what I do: 3 min activity burst. I break it down into 1 min of 3 different activities.

I do 3 min because 5 minutes is too long and 1 minute is too short. 3 minutes is just right!

For example: I will do 1 minute of skater plyos, 1 min of body weight squats, and 1 min of jumping jacks.

Or 1 min plank hold, 1 min alternating lunges, 1 min lateral flings

Or 1 min bar push ups, 1 min squat with lateral leg lift, 1 min mountain climbers

Do you get the idea?

I give examples of these in my book as well. So go and grab a copy, you  will have all the resources you need to live an inspired, healthy and free life in a body you love!


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