12 weeks to END your Struggle

In 12 weeks feel leaner, lighter, fabulous & FREE

Burn fat and lose your weight, Cleanse the body of toxins, Change eating behaviors easily, 

Release the struggle and pain,


This is THE Fat-Loss Program to END your Struggle

What is it?

This  90-day system combines the best of both worlds – Fat Loss AND Mind Body Nutrition. This is the key that unlocks the cage to YOUR food and body struggles.

  1. LOSE the stubborn fat that has refused to budge with the TRUHealth System that is formulated to support the body’s natural processes to burn fat and cleanse the body of the toxins that are stored in fat.
  2. Mind Body Nutrition protocols is THE way to keep the fat loss forever. It provides the tools needed to keep you living in a body you love. Cause let’s face it…food didn’t get you where you are today…it isn’t the “bad” guy. Behaviors and Emotions are the culprit. So, let’s dive in and work with those.

What this program WILL do for you:

  1. You will feel leaner, lighter, fabulous, and FREE!
  2. Your relationship with food and yourself will shift from one of struggle to PEACE.
  3. You will lose the fat weight you have been wanting to lose.
  4. You will gain an understanding of the inner workings of the Head brain and Gut brain
  5. You will discover who you are as an eater and how to relate to and change it, if necessary, for the results you want to attain.
  6. Shape- Shifting, the ultimate tool to losing the fat weight and keeping it off – Visualization!
  7. In essence, this membership program WILL teach you how to live at your body’s natural sustainable weight. Just think…you would be LIVING in a body you LOVE  and ADORE the rest of your life!

Who is this for?

Women and Men who desire to lose fat weight, cleanse the body, change behaviors AND learn the tools that will set you free. The old way of doing diets is leaving you stuck… NOW its time to get some results that will STICK.

What are my options?

1) go it alone with the Online Support Membership where you receive coaching material outlining the TRUHealth System AND Mind/Body Nutrition Protocols each week for 12 weeks.

ONLY $19/month for 3  months

2) In ADDITION, you can opt-in for LIVE GROUP (laser) COACHING where you will receive 2 group calls each month with content, Q & A,  plus laser coaching . We will address any questions you have along the way.  Get a friend or buddy to partner up for the program. It is ALWAYS more fun with a pal! This group will meet online in the Bio~Balance Zoom Room.

ONLY $97/month for 3 months

With both of these options you receive a membership into the E.N.D. the Diet Drama Facebook group where you will receive oodles of support. Post your questions, Ah-Ha, Wahoo and Oh Boys!

What you receive with your Support Membership:

  1. Weekly emails consisting of recipes, workout ideas, videos and the Mind Body Nutrition Protocol that will shape your success.
  2. If you opt in, Group Coaching Call  is 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 1:00 pm CST (11:00 PST /12:00 MST/2:00 EST). All calls are recorded and sent to the group.
  3. Kitchen Cleanse instruction manual
  4. Meal Planning Guide
  5. New You in 90 support material
  6. New recipes each week
  7. Morning ritual ideas to start your day with excitement and anticipation (the perfect combo for fat burning capability).
  8. Workouts and workout ideas
  9. Access to E.N.D. the Diet Drama Facebook Group for support and encouragement.
  10. BONUS for the $97 online support with coaching program, you will receive E.N.D. the Diet Drama 3 part audio series.

The icing on the cake 

This program gives you the tools you need so you never experience the pain of your struggle with food again.

The Plan:

Mannatech TRUHealth System – proven fat loss results https://vimeo.com/221804966

TruHealth FAQ

TruHealth Supplement Facts

TruHealth Easy Use Guide

Ashly’s Holistic Eating program (click this link for the cheering section)

Includes: 2 group calls each month for laser coaching and Q&A

This is a powerful combination! 

At the end you will benefit by…

1. Losing stubborn fat weight 2. KNOW how to eat, when to eat and what your body wants to eat and how to honor that 3. Change your relationship with food to reflect nourishment not punishment 4. Shift the way you FEEL about food to one of health and balance 5. Stop thinking about food all the time 6. Open line of communication with your body, you will know how to nourish instead of punish. 7. FEEL Leaner, Lighter, Fabulous & Free in a body you LOVE!

Total Exchange:

TRUHealth Fat Loss Program w 1 meal replacement shake each day + Online Support Membership

  $179/month for TruHealth

$19/month for 12 week support membership   

TRUHealth Fat Loss Program + 12 week Online Support Membership + 2 group coaching calls each month for 3 CD_Workbook_39months.

$179/month for TruHealth +

$97/month for 3 months for 12 week Online Support Membership + 2 group coaching calls/month

BONUS for this program: E.N.D. the Diet Drama 3 part Audio Series – FREE.

 Steps to get started:

  • Purchase your TRUHealth System.
  • Register for the 12 week membership (click on payment link above)
  • Take before pictures and send them to me at info@ashlytorian.com
  • Once you receive your ‘welcome to prep week‘ email, (you will receive this once you register for the 12 week program) get started with the Kitchen Cleanse first, Make out your grocery list using the meal planning guide, stock up on all foods needed for week 1.
  • Follow the rest of the steps given in the ‘welcome to prep week’ email so you are set up for success!

If you have any technical issues registering, contact Ashly at info@ashlytorian.com to sign up for the 12 week online support membership for $19/month OR opt-in to the Laser Group Coaching  at $97/month for 3 months.

I’d love, love, love to work with you! 

Please Note: It is not a requirement to purchase the TruHealth Fat Loss system to do this program. You can opt in for the 12 week online support membership or the 12 week online support membership+ laser coaching in a group setting, independently.