Halloween Tricks!

Trick or Treat is the theme for October. Everywhere you go, candy is being sold and the ability to stay away from it is tested. The questions begin to roll through the mind…”Should I get it now and have it in the house or wait until the day of?” “Oh, but then they may not have what I like.” “But if I get it now, I will eat it all and then have to come back and get more.”…And the argument continues until you finally give in and buy it early…just in case.

The trick to Halloween and the holidays is a state of mind. I know, you thought I was about to unveil the master trick to maintaining weight and even losing weight during the holidays….OH but wait, I just DID!

When you think of a masterful way to come to the end of the holidays the same size you were at the start, the answer for most is to “DIET” through it. I say no. Diets only leave you frustrated, stressed, and frazzled. Picture this, you are about to go to a celebration and OH MY, they do not serve any food that is on your program. This is where the frustrated, stressed and frazzled state occurs.  #1 this is no way to get through the holidays and #2 there is a more enjoyable way.

If you recall, stress shuts down the digestive system. As Marc David states in his book The Slow Down Diet, “Eating healthy food is only half of the story of good nutrition. Being in the ideal state to digest and assimilate food is the other half.”  Complete digestion and assimilation happen in a relaxed state. When you are relaxed, oxygen intake is increased along with blood flow through the digestive system which increases thermic efficiency (your calorie burning power).

If you are constantly stressed through the holidays, especially about food, then your metabolic calorie burning power is shut down. This is no time for SHUT DOWN. So I recommend turning thoughts around, changing it up. Try something different this year.  Slow Down and enjoy the holidays. Have a plan so you can relax around food. It is all in your perspective, change the way you view the holidays and all the treats that are around.

They aren’t the enemy; they add spice to the season.


Here is a plan of attack that you can put to work:

  1. BREATHE – breathe deep. This is something you hear me preach about on a daily basis. It is vitally important. It not only keeps you alive, it gives you thermic power (high caloric burn).
  2.  RELAX and be aware of every moment and every morsel of food that you eat. If you are going to eat it…you might as well allow every taste bud to enjoy it. This awareness can bring 40% more digestive power.
  3. SAVE UP – Store bought vs. home-made or something you truly want. Save the calories for the ideal meal or treat. Don’t settle for a food that doesn’t bring pleasure. You will only be seeking it out later. Save up for what you truly want and what will truly bring pleasure to the palate.
  4. SLOW DOWN and enjoy the season. When the perspective has switched its focus to the event, the people and the experience, food takes a back seat. CONNECTION is the key.  Connection is what we are looking for when we search for food. So why not connect? Reach out to that loved one and express your love for them in words, action or expression.


Relax about the Halloween candy…is it what you truly want? That is the question that needs answering.

It’s not about the candy or the food. Seek out connection and enjoyment this holiday season and notice the change in you come December 31st.



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