Interest vs. Commitment

Are you committed to the goal you set for yourself when you joined The Transformation Movement with Bio~Balance?  OR did you just have an interest in starting a program?  There is a big difference in commitment to a goal and interest in a goal. The first…we won’t let anything stop us; the second…we tend to meander about without any real focus on what we set out to do.

Which one describes you and your intention?

Being committed to your goal and following through is key to getting there, to living it. And the key to getting there, to living it, it just that; taking action everyday and to keep it in the fore front of your mind.  We tend to “ forget”, we get sidetracked and we run on automation. Keep the mind focused and active on the goal via mirror messages, dream board (those are fun to make), gentle reminders on the pantry and refrigerator, tell a friend or family member what you want to achieve and let them help you stay accountable.

The successful way to maintain focus is to keep the goal VISIBLE, there must be a reminder present, or else it is forgotten and all of a sudden it is a month later and you are still in the same place you were when the interest hit you.

Affirm yourself every day with positive ACTION oriented words.  Post them everywhere, home, car, ipad, iphone…EVERYWHERE!

Affirm your commitment not only to yourself but what you want to achieve, EVERYDAY!

You CAN do this!


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