The Power of Your Desire

As I am writing this blog post, I am fortunate and blessed to be sitting on the ABB Fun House Patio. It is absolutely a beautiful day and one filled with inspiration that I would like to pass on to you.  This is the final month of the year, which means that goal setting is right around the corner. So here is my message for you.

Instead of goal setting why not tap into The Power of Your Desire…. which leads you to reaching your goals.  passion, goals, weight loss, fat loss, body love

When you desire something, you are filled with an inner power.

What determines how much inner power you have is how badly you DESIRE “IT”

AND most importantly, the drive behind it.

Meaning, the desire that you have for something needs to be driven by what you are most passionate about. For example: If you desire to end over-eating and lose weight, there needs to be a powerful reason to get you to do that, but, most importantly, a reason to maintain these changes for a life-time.

I hate to say this, but, the reduction in the number on the scale is not going to do that for you. It will motivate you for a short while, but it will not last.

It hasn’t yet? Has it?


When your desire for this comes from or is driven by your inspiration in life, your passion, your reason for being, you have just tapped into your inner power.

To explain this difference further, here are a few examples of motivators. Motivators are temporary measures, the passion behind them comes to an end. And soon you are left with the poor behaviors that got you where you are in the first place.

  1. To see the number on the scale drop
  2. My husband wants me to…..
  3. I have a reunion this summer…
  4. I just want to feel better

Now, to get lifestyle changes to stick…there needs to be a life-shift. One that inspires you for the long term.  A life shift causes a physiological shift which enhances your metabolic power. Here is a list of inspirations or passions:

  1. My spiritual gift requires me to be healthy and mobile. If I want to do mission work and serve others in foreign countries, then I am inspired to change my habits.
  2. I want to be an example for….. (this one can be tricky and one that I would guide you on)
  3. My 3 strengths are Honesty, Love and Spirituality. If I want to live in accordance with my strengths, then I can utilize them to get real with my healthful intentions and stick to them.
  4. Mountain climbing is a passion – I will use this as my focus to maintain my intention to achieve my goals.

weight loss, diet, believe, exercise, goal settingGoal setting is not meant to be superficial. Goal Setting calls on the Power of YOUR Desire.  Increase your level of desire and you will increase your ability to achieve your goals.

When it comes to weight loss and choosing a program to aid in that endeavor, please remember that:

You are not the Problem!

The problem is assuming FOOD is the problem.

….that your relationship with it…is not a living, breathing thing.

The belief that structure is going to “fix” it

…that it is even something that needs to be “fixed”

My goal…is to see people healthier, living with vitality and love. Living on a diet or always stressing about the ‘need’ to lose weight…isn’t healthy and not living with vitality and love.

Obsessing over food is not healthy and not living with vitality and love.

The Problem is FOCUS

What we put our focus on. Is both the problem and the solution?

Marc David states “What you think and feel is directly related to the chemistry of the body.

Stressing over food … become a dieting monger. On the flip side, having your focus on what inspires and drives you…completely changes the chemistry of the body, one of stress chemistry where cortisol is flying around wreaking havoc, to one of love chemistry where endorphins are leading the way to fulfillment and purpose.

Looking back over your life…is this really where you wanted your attention and focus? On your body and how much you weigh?

How much more could you have achieved/accomplished if your focus had been on something that has purpose instead of obsession with food?

What could we put our focus on that would benefit us body and soul?

This is the missing ingredient to dieting program. The way to maintain forward momentum is to seek that which you want to attain.

Weighing yourself every morning brings your focus to something that will pull you off track.

Instead, have what you want to attain right out in front of you. Each morning ‘meditate’ on that for 5 min, breathing it in, affirming your direction and point of focus. Visualize. Step in to it. Shape-Shift into it.

BE what you want to become.

In other words… Your Desire is your point of focus.

Utilize that which inspires you to be your focal point to nourishing your body in a way that enables you to live the life you desire.

For more information on how to live per your Desire, contact me for a discovery session. We will find your point of focus so you live Inspired, Healthy and Free!


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