Release your Goddess Energy!

I have just experienced the most fun evening. The short days and long nights, invite me to stay home in the evenings, however, when this opportunity presented itself as an invitation to the Premier Jewelry Spring Fashion Show, Diamonds and Desserts…I just had to go! Something called me to it.

I do plenty of self-care rituals…in fact…I am really “big” on it. I workout regularly, I relish long walks, stretch, enjoy yoga, I dance the jig to my favorite playlist playing in the background (in the privacy of my own home, of course!), lotion up my body with my favorite body lotion (Kiss my Face), Mirror Talk every day, spend quiet moments with God, filling up spiritually and spend time with self.

HOWEVER, what I shy away from is connection with others.

I don’t get out much, I tend to be a home body. I love my home, my family and that is what I am drawn to. This is where I am safe, comfortable and loved. So now you understand why going to this event was very off base and out of the norm for me. Can I just say….I am so glad I listened to the voice from within? This is the benefit of soulful time alone and checking in…you begin to hear desires and needs that you didn’t realize you had.

At this event the Jewelry Consultants were honoring those that have been a hostess for a jewelry show in 2013. My jewelry lady for the last 18 years, Angela Harmon, invited me to attend with her. This was a treat! They treated us like Goddesses. It was beautiful to be a witness to the incredible energies that were vibrating around the room, there was Feminine Energy, Goddess Energy, and Queen Energy and in some cases Princess Energy. Each one equally potent.

Another incredible experience was the thread of connection, commonality, support, and love throughout the entire Grapevine Convention Center.  As I watched the consultants model the Spring Jewelry Line, I was witness to the feminine unveiling her vibrancy as she would glide down the runway opening and expressing her goddess energy in a powerful and provocative way. It was contagious. I found myself utterly captivated by each one’s expression of self-love.

Because I tuned into to gut wisdom, stepped out of my comfort zone, I was rewarded with the experience of connection with women. I only knew one other woman at this event, but that didn’t matter.  I felt interconnected in a way that brought much blessing to me this night.

When the feminine releases her tight hold on her energy and power, she is rewarded with a lighter load; the stress that weighs her down, melts away.

Renew the mind through present-focus.  When a women lets go of everything that holds her back – in the present moment – she comes to life…her light shines. Her energy field is expanded. Self-Care allows you, as the woman, to shine your light, touch and connect with others, so you spread the unique and innate beauty from within to all those around you.

Take Self-Care seriously – enact a body love ritual on a daily basis so you may hear the whisper within that leads to a life filled with many beautiful experiences.

  • Take extra time for make up or do it differently
  • Catch a movie with a friend
  • Take a full day, just you and pamper yourself
  • Get a massage
  • Wear fabulous jewelry you receive from you Premier Jewelry lady
  • Wear an outfit that is completely different from what you would normally wear
  • Take time to breathe, mindful present-focused moments
  • Soulful time
  • Dance
  • Bubble bath
  • Do something that brings out the feminine in you

The list can go on….Self Care is a ritual that you create that makes you feel good and allows your feminine, goddess energy to shine.

Take the present moment and renew yourself in you.

Enjoy your own unique journey,





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