Feel Your Craving

Do you experience cravings? I sure do. In fact, I experience them every day; I am human after all. It is part of our genetic make-up; it is the part of us that comes through with insight, wisdom. But 99% of the time we deny ourselves this vital “learning tool”, a tool that better equips us for our journey, giving us a chance to get to know “me” a little bit better.

As a personal fitness trainer the way I dealt with my cravings is much different from how I do now as an Eating Psychology Coach. I look back now and realize all my clever tricks for “avoiding” the craving were really just me RUNNING from it. And sure enough….it just kept coming back.  We have all heard these tricks, ones like: drink a lot of water, go exercise, side-track the taste buds by brushing your teeth, or participate in another activity, the list can go on. When we do this, we completely avoid the “real” issue. Our cravings are tips that something a little deeper than “I want chocolate now!” is happening with in us.  It’s not the chocolate.

The chocolate is the cover story for the masterpiece that is ready to unfold. Cravings, also described as urgings, are feelings that lead us to the next step in our process of weight loss, loving the body or just being happy. When these urges are ignored, we tend to stay in the same place and not make any head way.

Are you tired of “working” the same weight loss techniques that you always have and not getting the results you have been told you would get or thought you could achieve?

Sometimes it takes getting quiet and listening. Listen to the cover story and see what unfolds. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? It is simple, it just isn’t what we expect will help us to reach our intended goal. We think we have to give up so much, hurt in some way to get what we want. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Listen to your craving. Let it out, feel the emotion it brings, the fear, the frustration, fully experience every sensation and arrive at the place where you will no longer give into the desire. This is where transformation happens. Get in to your cravings…see where they come from and what wisdom they hold.



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