Is Exercise Really Necessary?

Never exercised before but KNOW that it would be good if you were more active?  Good for your heart, good for your mind, good for weight management, good for your relationships, good for your mood…and the list goes on.  There are great reasons WHY activity is beneficial.  BUT, and that is a BIG BUT….it is not easy for everyone.  Some can add exercise into their daily schedule easily and for some…. it is not so easy, in fact, it is downright challenging. So what are you to do IF you don’t particularly like exercise, getting sweaty and huffing and puffing!

First off, have a heart to heart with yourself.  You must get the mind wrapped around what you are going to do.  Otherwise, when the alarm goes off you are going to do what you have always done…push snooze. When you think about it, it doesn’t matter what your mind wants to do, eat or think.  It’s your HEALTH that is in control of this issue.  Have you been neglecting the health of your body?  God gave us the gift of the human body…it is a miracle machine and can do amazing things…BUT it can only take so much.

What is your body telling you?  Is it slowing down, stiffening up, aching, and collecting excess fat around the middle?  Are you feeling more tired than you used to? Weaker? This is your body’s way of saying…”HELP!  I need activity, I need good nutrition, I need sleep, I need anything but what you are doing to me!!”  It is time to take action.

  • First step: accept the new behavior mentally.  Plan out exactly what you are going to do and make a pact with yourself that is UNBREAKABLE!  Write “exercise” in your schedule and keep it like it was a doctor’s appointment. You would never be a “no-show” for your doctor’s appointment …who doesn’t even hold a candle to you. 🙂 You are much more important.  So don’t break it!
  • Second step: Begin exercising at the appointed time.  Activities can consist of walking, a drill of bodyweight exercises, stretching, yoga, dancing.  Start with 10 min/day.  You can gradually add more time each week as you begin to “like” exercise and form a habit.
  • Third Step:  I don’t mean to steal Nike’s slogan but “Just do IT”!!!  Do not give your mind a chance to talk you out of it….roll out of bed and do it.  You CAN, believe that you CAN change! Visualize yourself exercising and being fit and healthy.

There is no “thinking” about it…you have to “believe” it!



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