Take Action

 If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.

– E. Joseph Cossman

The number one reason people don’t take action for something they truly want is they are afraid they won’t receive it. In my conversations with people, I hear this a lot. “I know I need to lose weight but…” or “I know this is bad for me but…” These are excuses followed by NO ACTION. Do you find yourself reciting these sentence starters? And then never following up on the good intentions to change the way you are living?

These sentence starters are worry makers. Thoughts without action take up much needed thought space in the brain. Worrisome thoughts plaque most of us; thoughts of money and health i.e. body weight, can keep us awake at night OR take up much needed brain power the next day. When the mind is tied up in knots over something, it keeps YOU from effectively and efficiently living your dream.

Take a moment and think back to last fall. What were you worrying about? Were you concerned about gaining weight during the holidays? Did you check out every diet to see if it would be the right one for you come January? Do you even remember how the mind was flooded with thoughts of the number on the scale, clothes are tight, do I look ok, etc.. Did that worry make a true difference in your life? Did your health, weight and money issues go away?

Just as a binge can’t take place when you adopt slow into the process, worry doesn’t exist when you Take Action. Here are 3 steps to stop the worry and live intentionally.

  • Write up a detailed plan around what worries you the most. Here is an example for health
    1. Exercise life – what type, how much time, how often
    2. Food life – processed or fresh, grains or no grains
    3. Soulful time – how often, how long

Hint: be reasonable… develop a detailed plan that you can stick with for the long term.

  • Short list of exceptions to this “rule” – In other words, what occurrences/situations have to happen to keep you from sticking to your action plan? For example: getting a massage, body talk and being sick are 3 exceptions to my exercise plan. And I stick with that. If something else comes up that could keep me from my exercise plan, then I reschedule the event or I move my workout to a different time for that day.
  • The KEY to Taking Action is STICK TO IT. Stop making excuses and just do it. There are a million reasons why you can’t and only 1 reason why you should…and that is the most important reason that surpasses all the millions of reasons, YOU are important. YOU are worthy.

The gist of this is…STOP WORRYING. It doesn’t solve any dilemma’s for you. All it does is take up vital energy that is better spent elsewhere. Like, living your reason for being; that is where the action is, that is where sustainable weight happens, AND that is freedom!

Take Action:

Map out a plan

SHORT list of exceptions



See you in the E.N.D. Zone!

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