Soulful Time

Soulful time is quiet time.

Several moments put together to bring calm, serenity and peaceJustBe

within your very soul.

The soul is our heart, mind and emotions.

Living with these 3 in balance

Or rather harmony;

You gain a wondrous life.

A life filled with love



and, Centeredness.

You will know who you are

What you want

And that your value and worth are priceless.

So, why do we avoid these wondrous things?

It all comes down to worth.

Or maybe effort

But why wouldn’t we put forth effort towards something so divine?


That’s it…FEAR

What if by experiencing soulful time each day, you became

Calm, Centered, Certain?

You would be admired, respected, loved.

Could you handle that?

Do you believe that’s possible?

Does it scare you that it would happen, and you wouldn’t know how to handle it?

Or that you deserve it?thensingsmysoul

You see, it does all boil down to FEAR.

False Evidence Appearing Real.

Because, none of that is real.

They are imaginings.

Be aware that this scares you.

Accept that this scares you.

Then move on to experience…. Soulful Time.


Soulful Time Process

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