Motivation vs. Inspiration

Happy New Year!

Well it is January 1st and if the patterns hold, you have been sent several dieting options for the New Year. Which diet did you decide to do? Which one has put a little bit of a spark or interest in you to do them? Maybe they have worked for others that you know…or you realize you ate more than normal over the holidays and want to get the weight off fast, OR a future event is “pushing” you to diet so you feel better about yourself at the time of the event.

Do you see what is happening here? These are motivators and motivators are the push to get you to go on a diet. And unfortunately, motivators are temporary. Being motivated my something is all well and good, there is a purpose there when used properly, but when it comes to body weight and how you feel about yourself, that success comes from Inspiration.

Motivation is temporary, it is an IDEA that you came up with, one that you are pursuing. Those fade with time; they lose the power they originally gave you.  Motivators also lose the ability to push you especially when you get stuck or hit a plateau.

Going on a diet because you hate your body…is an example of a motivator. That is a punishing motivator that beats a person down and eventually leads to failure. Trash Talk is the old way of getting the results you desire. This is the way that diets have been able to become a Trillion Dollar Industry. They have made themselves the motivator for you to lose weight…not only once but 2 maybe 3 times. With a motivator, you have to keep coming back to it. This is a never ending cycle of pain and disillusionment. Ad campaigns represent the idea that you will never be thin enough or good enough to “wear” a fit body. Think of it this way. Imagine you living in an abusive relationship, where the person is always putting you down; would that motivate you to lose the weight OR would it make you feel worse?

I hope you said the latter, because eventually this type of punishing behavior leads to binge eating and over eating.  So if you are abusing yourself with unkind words, this will not motivate you for long. It only leads to pain and suffering. This is how diets have stayed in business for so long. They bring hope and pair it with restriction which ultimately leads to a short stay in success followed by a long stay in failure.


In 2014 I challenge you to put an END to that revolving door of disappointment.



Where motivators are temporary, Inspiration leads you the rest of your life.

Where motivators are the IDEA you push, Inspiration is an IDEA that pushes you. It doesn’t let go.

Inspiration brings fire and passion. It leads to you to success not only with food and body but it leads you to success in your life with what you are choosing to do…a purpose filled life. That is where the power is. Inspiration never fades, it never dies.

So how do you discover what inspires you in life?  What is driving you? Remember an inspiration drives you…not the other way around. An inspiration will take hold of you and pursue you body and soul.

Look for inspiration when it comes to your body weight and how you feel about your body; this is where the power is. Inspiration is a life changing event, one that will leave you animated and influenced forever. Seek and find that which gives you life, purpose and a fulfillment in your life. What is it that makes you tick? And when you think about it, it sends energy rushing through you, purpose, and gumption rushing through you. Get quiet for a moment; ask the question, what drives you? What brings life and purpose to you? What inspires you to keep getting up day after day living this life?

When you discover this you will find success in your body weight and in how you love your body. You will find success in your relationships, success in life, in your career and family.

Live out inspiration in 2014.

Make that decision and intention; live through Inspiration NOT Motivation.


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