Do you feel nourished all over? 3 ways to get nourished

Are you truly nourished? Nourishment means: that which sustains us. Take a breath and think about that for a moment. Reflect on your life…. what brings nourishment to you? We have spoken about pleasure, but what of nourishment?

When on a journey, like the one we are on, it is important to look at Nourishment. Are you receiving nourishment.2012-12-31 13.37.10

As you have heard me say, only 2% of those that go on a diet to lose weight keep the weight off after 2 years.

That inability to keep the weight off is due in part to a LACK of nourishment. And it isn’t the nourishment we get from food that I am talking about.

What fuels your SOUL? What feeds the very essence of you?

When we rely solely on the tongue to gauge our nourishment, we become disconnected, not only to ourselves but our heavenly father as well.

When the tongue is the reader of nourishment we can feel restricted….because nothing seems to taste good anymore. The less you taste the more you eat. The result is a greater disconnect between body, soul and spirit.  You are all three, so caring for all three is a great responsibility.

The typical thought is “Food is the only form of nourishment available to us.” Which translates to “The tongue is the only way to receive nourishment.”

Both is these are untrue statements and beliefs.  When this much responsibility is put upon one part of the body, we become excessive, intense, or extreme in the way we live life and in the way we view life.

The needs of your tongue become the focus, and this results in becoming dis-embodied.

When there is this disconnect…pleasure, nourishment and embodiment cannot be present.

A way to eliminate this “feeling” of restriction is to look closely at the forms of Nourishment in your life.

“The experience of nourishment creates a physiologic relaxation response, which means a full and  healthy digestive, assimilation, and calorie burning power.”  Marc David

What sustains you?

What quality of time and self do you put into this?

  3 key ways  to experience nourishment:  

1) Its a choice

Our greatest power is our power to choose. (great book, by the way 🙂 We can choose to receive nourishment or not…in the same way we choose to eat or not….we can choose to receive nourishment from more than just food.

Proclaim that you Choose to receive Nourishment from your relationship with your spouse, you choose to receive Nourishment from tending your herb garden, you choose to receive nourishment from the DAY.

It is truly just a choice. So, check in to life, and choose nourishment.

2) Observe

Observe your life and those in your life. What can you receive nourishment from? Who do you receive and give nourishment to? How can you change/shift your perspective about something or someone so that there is nourishment?

BE-ing in observation mode gets you IN your life. That is one of the first ways you will begin seeing, seeking, and receiving nourishment.

3) Get into it!

No matter what you are doing; tending  the flower garden, seeking the heart of God, self care rituals, breathing, stretching, conversations, connecting, BE ALL IN. Be with it. Be in it. Be ONE with it.

There is intimacy in nourishment. It is a moment where you can connect with self.

It is a way to support and sustain you; body, soul and spirit.

Nourishment defines not only the quality of the food we eat but most importantly the quality and EXPERIENCE of our life and how we interpret that life experience. We either receive nourishment OR we are checked out and oblivious to it. The first gives life, the second takes it away.

The more you are IN your body, there is a greater capacity in which your body can function optimally.

If this topic of nourishment and all its forms resonates with you, I highly recommend the book Nourishing Wisdom, by Marc David. Excellent read!

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