• Oh goodness. I just want to let go a big sigh about this that you wrote: “The desire is perfection straight across the board. This is exhausting and extremely harmful to the psyche. This pulls the body into a stress response and you lose all ability for the metabolism to burn the amount of calories needed to maintain your body’s desired and natural weight.”

    So it not only messes up our minds, our self-image, our love of self (and others), but it directly opposes what we desire by messing up our bodies’ abilities to work properly.

    I’m so grateful that you learned this, Ashly, and are sharing it with us.


    December 02, 2015
    • Thank you Camille. I am so glad it resonates with you.
      Once w get this down, we could actually be free…oh what a feeling!

      March 12, 2016

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