Am I really stuck with all this gunk? Absolutely not! ~3 steps to get rid of the gunk~

We have all wanted it. We have all craved it at one time or another. We have all wanted to find the magic formula to creating a life with no hurts, no wounds, and no fat.

As you have found in your own journey…. that is not the case. There is no magic formula, magic pill or experience that is the be all and end all to your desire for freedom from weight issues or even health issues.

I believe it is a culmination of many things. One step leads to one answer which leads to the next step which leads to the next answer, and so on.

I wanted to believe, actually wished for, a fairy godmother, one who could come in and wave her magic wand and I would be free. Free to be me in a body that I liked…loved even. To be free of self-criticism and judgement. To finally feel authentic and show up as me without all the body trash.

But, God didn’t make our journey out to be easy. If it was…then we wouldn’t have the opportunity to show up as our BEST self.

It is only through trial and error that we find our BEST self.

Even as I write this I pray that God is gentle with me. :O) 

I realized through my journey of pain and fear that #1 God is there no matter what…cheering me on and stepping in when necessary. #2, I have in me all that I need to be the BEST me possible. I don’t NEED to read the next best self-help and don’t NEED to learn any new techniques.

Do I still do those things? OH YES! I love to learn. But, now I read and learn for an entirely different reason. Now I read for knowledge instead of “I NEED this in order to fill-in what’s missing” mentality.

The answer was in me all along.

Now what I read and learn is icing.

How about you? Are you cramming as much health and fitness information into your brain as you possibly can so you won’t binge eat today?

Are you cramming this information in so that you will stay on track with your current regimen of food and exercise?

Are you avoiding things you love because you are afraid they will pull you off track of your current desire?

I understand…I’ve been there.

I gave up eating out.

I gave up eating period…. because I was scared. Scared and afraid to BE with ME. That I couldn’t handle the feelings flowing through me, that I couldn’t control my body, my body wasn’t ok as she was, she had to be better, and that I couldn’t handle a problem with confidence and assuredness AND that what I felt and what I did was not good enough or the “right” way.

That was too much to bear for me personally.

So I took my fear of living to fear of eating. I could control that! HA!!

Crazy huh?

God, Life, has a funky way of showing us the way. If it wasn’t for that experience, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

So how can all of this help you?

I want you to know, right now, that you are not stuck with all the gunk swirling around inside you.

Here is what I found to be true and worked for me.

First, I had to be present – this involved a nonjudgmental approach with myself. Whew!…this was the toughest step for me. Sounds easy…but not.

Second – I became the observer instead of the one experiencing the moment. This allowed me to step back and ask for truth.

Third – This truth allowed me to ask…what’s next?

Here is the kicker 🙂

This final step gives the observer a moment to put into motion a much desired nourishing pattern of play. (a.k.a. a habit)

A pattern of play mixes things up so your physiology doesn’t’ fall back into old patterns of self-destructive behavior with food or exercise OR beliefs. Which is the reason most people do not experience long term success with their fat loss; their self- concept –  the beliefs they have about themselves – won’t allow it.

It’s not about the food, it’s not even about your body hate, it’s all about YOU and YOU being PRESENT for just a moment.

In that moment is when the magic happens.

Share with me your magical moments.

  yellow heart & hugs

p.s. Hang tight for my Pattern of Play Class being held in September. If you want in on the fun, contact me today.

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