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At Ashly’s Bio~Balance, the trainers’ #1 goal is to provide you with the personal training services that meet your needs, guide and inspire you in attaining your goals and loving the body you are in. Body and Soul Training is what will get you to your goal and have you living at your body’s natural weight.

Personal training with Bio~Balance is easy because we come to you. Your first session entitles you to:Personal Training in Action

  • fitness evaluation
  •  structural integrity assessment
  • stability ball
  • exercise tubing for resistance training
  • door attachment

All you have to get is a set of dumbbells and exercise mat.

The following sessions entail:

  • A program designed just for you – your trainer will walk you through your new routine to make sure you are comfortable and working at the right level to meet your fitness needs.
  • Coaching around mindset and its impact on your physical goal
  • Discovering your nutritional needs and how best to proceed and implementing this program so you reach your goal faster
  • Each session you will experience a workout from your trainer that gets you closer to your goal


Need help with your food life? Exercise doesn’t make the lasting changes necessary for our body. We need nourishment; nourishment in the form of food, movement and time. Check out Ashly’s Bio~Balance 1 day Retreat called The END Movement.   This program will guide you in making the nourishing choices with food and body so you get the body you want and love the body you are in.

OR you may take advantage of the Bio~Balance Food Coaching session. Talk with your trainer to schedule this session (additional fees apply)


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I continue with the private sessions once I complete one of the personal training packages?

Absolutely, you may continue your training with your personal coach. It is as easy as requesting an extended agreement.

What are the fees for one to one personal training?

The Bio~Balance Personal Training packages range from $200 – $720/month for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Where do we train at?

Bio~Balance makes it easy and we come to you. However, if you prefer, you can always make other arrangements with your trainer.


Contact Ashly’s Bio~Balance today for a fresh start to getting FIT and HEALTHY!



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