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 Yay! You are here! This is YOUR Day! 

          This is for the woman who is struggling with her weight, hating her body, in the midst of a health crisis that is stealing her energy and life, food obsession, and/or living in pain over past failures with dieting. Ashly16

You are THE Very Important Goddess in your life and if you do not take care of you…then who else will?  As women, our tendency is to put others first, which is a beautiful trait of the feminine. However, in doing that, we tend to sacrifice our health. When we do this, we are unable to serve others as passionately as we would like.

I am here to ensure that you take care of your health so you can take care of your family and loved ones the way that you like. Sound good?

I offer this VIG Day because we need it all wrapped up in a nice little package; an eating protocol, how to exercise, how to create time and space for self, how to eliminate unhealthy habits and create new ones, how to manage stress and stressful thoughts effectively, an effective tool to knowing the needs of your body, your body and energy type and how that plays a role in how you show up in your world. The list goes on.

     A personal VIG manual is needed, one created just for you.

That is what VIG Day is all about. Y O U ! Creating your program and putting it into action. Then following it up with 3 one to one sessions.  So you are always supported and living in alignment with who you are in the way you take care of your health (and every other aspect of your life!).

At the conclusion of your VIG Day you will be ultra clear on:

  • Grocery Shopping – the how to’s AND the basic tool I use to create easy healthy meals in 10 min
  • Kitchen Cleanse – let’s clean out your pantry, freezer,and fridge of the foods that don’t get you what you want
  • Eating protocol – you will know what to eat, when to eat and how to eat before we part
  • Movement protocol – you will have a movement program (that you LOVE) detailed and plan of action outlined
  • Soulful protocol – designed especially for you and by you (don’t worry, I’ll guide you)
  • Your Body and Energy Type so you can live with confidence and authenticity in a body you adore
  • “Who’s” running the show and FIRE them if necessary – archetype training
  • How to eliminate your greatest challenge; you will leave with an action plan of how to continually overcome challenges as they come your way.
  • The 7 models of the E.N.D. protocol: Debunk stress and rev up your metabolism, how to grocery shop effectively, and Mindfully Eat, are just a few.

This is a powerful day that will leave you feeling encouraged, joy-filled and with a knowledge that Y O U CAN do it!

              PLUS you will receive 3 one to one coaching sessions with Ashly following VIG Day.





click-here-animated-gray                                Contact Ashly today to fill out an application to

                                   get started living FREE in a body you LOVE!


This is a day and a half of getting ultra clear on what to eat, how to eat, how to shop, how to move, how to BE at peace with self and your body, how to keep going (especially on days you would prefer to hide and comfort yourself)!

At the end of the day you will KNOW and FEEL:

  1. how to get more energy and vitality flowing into your life
  2. how to bring focus and clarity to every task…even eating
  3. how to live in a body you love at your natural desired weight

I am thrilled to offer you this specialized program…this is what you have been seeking and asking for; all the secrets to living happy (& inspired), healthy and free in a body you love. No matter if your struggle is losing fat weight, food obsession, body dis-morphia, eating challenges or your just don’t feel good in your body; you will learn the key that will guide you in embracing your body, nourishing your body with food, movement and soulful time so you fulfill your dreams in a body you love, appreciate and enjoy.

Until we meet, remember…….

YOU are beautifully and wonderfully made.

You truly are…and it is my honor to guide you in discovering the true you, the one that has a purpose and a mission here on earth.

Enjoy YOUR journey,



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