Thank You ~ Engage

 Thank you!

I am thrilled that you are joining us.

Welcome to the ENGAGE~ Experience Freedom Group Coaching Program.

Please read this entire page. It contains all the information you need to get started.

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I am so glad you are here and ready to ENGAGE in the process of your personal transformation. I want you to know that I am here to help you walk through this change. Please contact me with questions, comments, updates and hiccups. I can never hear from you too much. I mean that. PLEASE utilize this coaching tool and ENGAGE.

This is how the program will play out.

First, create a username and password for your member dashboard where you will have access to the 4 modules of the Experience Freedom Course, class recordings, homeplay materials, bonus classes and meditation, resources and procedures. (scroll to the bottom of the page to set up your DASHBOARD)

Secondly, Log in to your dashboard and get to know your way around. If you have signed up early, you can get a head start by watching the video courses in the bonus section. PLEASE hold off on doing any of the home-play activities or Modules until after our first coaching session.

Thirdly, Our first Group Coaching Session is set for February 21st at 2:00pm CST. Call in details will be sent to you the day before the session takes place. You can attend via phone or web. There will be slides that you will be able to view.

You will be joining others who are on a similar path with you. I encourage you to get to know one another and support each other. We learn so much from hearing other peoples experiences…you never know whose life you will impact simply by sharing.

We have a private Facebook group that you can link up to here: E.N.D. Retreat FaceBook Group

During the first coaching call we will create a map of:

HOW you will ENGAGE in 2017

WHAT steps you will take daily, weekly and monthly

WHO you need to involve in this journey with you or WHO you want to be accountable to

I can’t wait to meet with you! This is so exciting!! 


Don’t forget to set up your DASHBOARD…this is contains all the modules, videos, meditations, home-play materials and so much more! 

Click here to setup your DASHBOARD

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