Group Coaching Legal Waiver

I am attending the NewYou90 online coaching program and any group coaching or private coaching sessions with Ashly Torian of my own volition. Ashly recommends that I inform my medical doctor of all dietary changes which I make because of her recommendations.

I understand that Ashly Torian, the person teaching and leading this program, is not a doctor or registered dietician.  I take full responsibility for my health and for the decisions regarding my diet, exercise and lifestyle that I make because of Ashly’s recommendations.

I understand that Ashly is a certified Eating Psychology Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer trained to guide clients regarding the improvement of their health through dietary, lifestyle and stress reducing suggestions.  Dietary supplements are suggestions only, and whether I partake of these suggestions is because of my own volition.

I hereby release and discharge Mannatech Inc, Ashly Torian and Ashly’s Bio~Balance from any liability all claims that I or my family or heirs, have or may have, now or in the future.  I have read and understood all the above and agree to proceed under these conditions.

I understand that the above is meant to have legal significance and be legally binding.

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