Embrace Your Body Workshop

 Embrace Your Body Type & Let the Magic Happen! 

 Body Typing is fun and informative. It is another way in which we can learn about our body and our self.

Do you starve yourself, hoping that just by omitting those calories, you will lose weight and finally be happy?

Do you over exercise and think that if you just run 1 more hour today, you will lose the weight and finally be happy?

Do you compare your body to your friends and hope against hope that she doesn’t see the fat rolls on your belly?

Do you suck your stomach in so tight during the day that it is hard to breathe?

  • As a young toddler we learn how our body works
  • As a young child we gain confidence in how to use our body
  • As a teen and young adult we begin to compare our body to all those around us and this is when trouble hits us square in the face
  • Now the current reality of teens is (I) hate our body, (I)trash talk her, and hope that (I) can “yell” her into submission

How do we combat this downfall, this change from invincibility, love and connection  TO destructibility, hate and alienation?

The answer is Get to Know Her

Knowing your body type helps you to better understand what you have to work with. How she functions, her needs, what she is susceptible to and what you can do to make her stronger, healthier AND one that you LOVE!

In this 4 hour workshop I will unearth the body confusion for you. You will learn every body type, you will learn your specific one, and by the time you leave you will have the knowledge and an outlined body love protocol specifically for you.

It is time to get to know your body so you can design your life and live your dreams without the stress, judgement and self criticism body dis-morphia, body hate and seeking perfection does to you.

Join me Saturday, January 16th for the Embrace Your Body Event~ specifically designed for teens.




Saturday, January 16th

1:00 – 5:00 pm

Location: 2201 la Rochelle, Flower Mound

Space is limited ~You must register to attend.

Registration form will appear on the Thank you page after purchase. Special Note: Once payment is approved and you receive  transaction confirmation, click on the Ashly’s Bio~Balance link that Paypal displays for you. 

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