1 Day Body Love Event


 Be Bold & Explore Body Love Event 


Saturday, January 21, 2017

9:30 – 5:00 (details below)

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Are you tired of working hard to be healthy, to shrink your size or just be different than you are right now? Do you compare your body or self to others all the time? That is an exhausting game!  Take it from me, satisfaction will never be reached when in the middle of this toxic head-game. It is time to let go and discover how to embrace, nourish, and digest your way to living in a healthy relationship with your body. It is time to SURRENDER! It is time to love your body so she can release the weight. Let me guide you in freeing yourself from this food and body confinement.give yourself a hug

Hiccups and events have shaped your life as it is now. Are you satisfied? Do you love your body as it is right now? Join Ashly as she reveals what steps she took to healing her relationship with food, body, and life.

Embrace you must love where you’re at to get where you want. Ashly will guide you through the 3 components of Embrace: Understanding, Grace and Gusto!

Nourish the 3 components to Nourish are food, movement, and time.  Find how these 3 provide the nourishment your soul needs to shape shift into that which you desire.

Digest the 3 components to Digest are food, thoughts, and beliefs – our body not only has a system for digesting food but also and equally as important is our thoughts and beliefs. The way we digest life is the way we digest food.

At each one of my Body Love Events you will learn varying components from the E.N.D. Method I created during my 25+ years of coaching.

Why did I create the Body Love Event – Embrace~Nourish~Digest?

Ashly_SurrenderWhen I asked myself what I wanted most from every aspect of my life, the answer was peace and freedom. But most of all I wanted to be free to live in a body I loved! As a young girl then later as a personal trainer I experienced dissatisfaction with my body first hand. This kept me from living authentically. As a young gymnast, I took ownership of  someone else’s perception of my body. From that point on, I was never satisfied with the way I looked,  food was the enemy and therefore was the reason I was “overweight”. I was a closet eater, over exerciser and over eater and in physical pain.  Breaking the cycle was proving to be impossible until a very wise Physical Therapist once said to me, “Ashly, your relationship with your body is a soul issue.” This got my attention.

 And so my journey began in seeking out this “soul issue”. Rifling through layers upon layers of my personal onion was a journey that was painful but enlightening, empowering, and strengthening. I sought help from mentors, healers and family. I realized through my entrapment that I had cut myself off from connection to others to “hide” from my pain. By reaching out for guidance and wisdom, I in turn, received peace and freedom from the darkness that had been a part of my food and body world for far too long.

Does this sound familiar?

Join me for my next Body Love Event ~ Be Bold & Explore where you will learn cutting edge tools to break this cycle.

  • Learn the steps to love your body so get the body you want
  • Realize the Patterns of Play that are holding you hostage, set them free and adopt new ones that will transform your life
  • How to set boundaries within your life so you can be free to care for your health
  • Learn the type exercise your body needs to bring the results you desire
  • Step into your success with Ashly’s Transformation technique
  • Step by Step plan of the Secret to Eating and Losing
  • Mindful Techniques for every situation
  • Change the way you see yourself
  • See YOUR value and get clarity on the Power of Your Desire
  • Implement steps utilizing the Power of Your Desire for long lasting success
  • Leave with an action plan
  • Meet new girlfriends that share your pain of false perfection

Details for Saturday, January 21, 2017:

Location: The ABB Fun House in Sanger

Space is limited ~You must register to attend

Registration begins at 9:00, the event will start at 9:30 and go till 5:00. Snacks, drinks and lunch provided.

Dress comfortable and feel free to be all you! Glam it up or Glam it down….just be you.

This is an interactive program – your level of participation is strictly up to you. But I hope you are super stoked and ready to jump in to transforming your food and body experiences.

Reach out to me with any questions!

love & hugs,


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  Here from more E.N.D. Zone Graduates  

Just wanted you to know I just finished shopping for a swim suit and
shorts (my two least favorite items to shop for) and it was a great
experience! I love my body just as much now as when I left the house
this morning 🙂 thank you for helping me get this far Ashly!!! 🙂 – Nicole M., Ft Worth, Texas



Just wanted to start off by saying how much I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday’s Transformative Event. What a gift you have. I left so motivated and inspired to live this life that I have been blessed with. I can’t wait until the next one and am excited to go on this journey with you.

 It was so much good information that I think I could spend a great deal of time on all aspects of the END Zone. I went back and read through my notes and you could really spend an entire day or more on each one of the components. Good stuff. I am interested in learning more about the different archetypes that come to the table when we eat. I am just fascinated by that and it really helped me to see what is going on in my head and heart when I eat. -Jennifer J., Fort Worth, Texas


E.N.D. Zone program is an extremely worthwhile program. I loved starting the program with the focus on understanding what mindfulness is and how it can play into your eating motivations.  The session on stopping the mind wheel in negative & toxic self-talk was very helpful. Exploring the importance of living with purpose and understanding the difference in motivation verses inspiration was probably my favorite session.

The one thing that made the program different from other programs of this nature was the exercises that accompanied each session. After each session we were given specific things and each one was easy to do and provided a specific follow up to the audio and visual version of the class. They say the best way to learn is to integrate a visual with an audio accompanied by a follow up that can be used and seen on a daily basis. This class had it all!

The exercises made us take the information from the session and apply it to ourselves in the privacy of our own home. This was extremely helpful.  Lastly, the fact that the sessions were done via the computer made it so convenient that it was an easy program to participate in. Thank you, Ashly, for all that you do.  It was awesome and I know for a fact that I have and will continue to benefit from it.  -Keri K., Flower Mound, Texas


The class was more than I thought it would be – didn’t realize how much the brain is involved in eating / digestion, etc. I have noticed that my stomach and my bouts with re-flux have also improved. I still eat what I like but have stopped giving myself guilt trips over what I eat.  It is truly amazing to me how much better I feel when I enjoy what I am having versus berating myself before every bite. -Tracy N., Plano, Texas


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