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What If Everyone Embraced The Mindset of a Champion? 

For years, all I could think about was being free from the emotional pain of false perfection. It holds you hostage…. and I got to a point where I was done.”

As founder and owner of Bio-Balance, Ashly began her Holistic Eating and Mindset Coaching business in 1991, committed to inspiring others to live a fulfilling, joy-filled life. Bio-Balance was born out of Ashly’s passion for fitness and healthy living seeded with her own personal challenges with anxiety, weight, and body issues. Ashly has a lifelong focus, education, and experience in understanding the psychology of eating, human physiology, emotional resolution, the mind-body connection, and how our outlook on these factors can either damage or enhance our lives.

The Mindset of a Champion

I am Ashly Torian, The Vitality Coach ~ Speaker ~ Published Author ~ Successful Fitness Trainer ~ Holistic Eating Coach ~ and an expert in the realm of the 3 Brains.

I work with groups, speak to audiences, and coach individuals who want to acquire the “Championship Mindset” to create powerful results. This is about performing at the highest level to get more done in less time, elevate your health, and live your rockstar life.

Are you serious about elevating your health, energy, and vitality? And in turn increasing the SUCCESS of your health, family, and your business? Contact me today and add Ashly Torian to the agenda of your next remarkable event!

My interactive keynotes and training sessions will bring the audience together, lift their spirits, increase their ability to visualize goals clearly, and produce powerful results.

“I set the stage to ensure your audience is in a high-performance mindset for what comes next in the program.”

Contact Ashly to schedule her to speak at your next event:  214-682-9867 or

Ashly Torian, “She Rocks the House” as she engages very personally and intimately with small or large audiences sharing her passion for personal transformation and high performance to help people of all ages to live life at the highest level in their health, career or business.

Ashly’s performance at our global event, Mannafest 2018, was an absolute smashing hit that left our global audience from more than 17 countries invigorated and ready to take their personal and team performance to the next level.

Her content was very appropriately tailored for her audience, engaging and insightful, with a good measure of motivation and inspiration along with some very actionable practical information that helped our associates get clarity in their goals and the pathway to powerful results.

By popular demand, Ashly Torian, will be a regular addition to our roster of speakers at our future events to provide that most essential key to success: The Championship Mindset.

– Alfredo Bala, president and CEO of Mannatech, Inc.

Mannafest 2013

 Vitality Breaks

At your next convention or large meeting, invite Ashly to come before your group between important speakers and she will motivate and challenge them through 15 minutes of mental and physical exercises that will help them gain an unstoppable mindset.  After these exercises, they will have better retention, increased productive time, and increased energy.  A Harvard Medical Study shows that an 8–10-minute bout of mild exercise enhances learning ability for up to 4 hours.

Through Ashly’s 25 years of experience with Mind and Body Training, she has developed the knowledge of which mental and physical exercises bring the most benefit to the mind and body connection, so the result is empowerment!

Speaking Topics

Your group will see what is possible for themselves in their life, health, and business. Each person will leave with tools to implement immediately to bring about change. Topics that Ashly loves to speak about:

The Mindset of a Champion
20 min interactive segment showing the audience HOW to shift from a low energy mindset to a HIGH energy mindset. The audience will experience an awakening of all that is possible with the awareness that one needs to bring the whole self to the table, body, soul & spirit to live their heart’s desire.

Armor Up for a Rock-Solid Mindset
The five steps to move through chaos, struggle, and life’s drama-sized hiccups with ease. Armor up is about aligning the 3 Brains – head, heart, gut so living with increased energy, health, and vitality is a reality. The audience will leave with tips and tricks to implement right away so they build a solid foundation from which to stand and create a life they love living.

The Power of Your Desire
Internal transformation makes the physical transformation stick! Stressed living is the leading cause of ALL dis-ease. Ashly shares what stress is doing to the physical body in a fun and interactive way. The audience will receive the 3 key components to living through the power of your desire to achieve even greater vibrant health.

Ashly Torian nailed it at our National Convention in Las Vegas. With a servant’s heart, she took to the stage like a champion and took our audience by storm! Ashly’s practical approach, down to earth demeanor and infectious joy, put the audience at ease and in the palm of her hand. She had them in affirmation mode in no time flat; ready to accept the challenges of earning our incentive trip and taking their business higher. She helped our audience understand that true leadership comes from within and that they were the directors of their dreams and aspirations. This was no exercise or diet advice…it was that sudden awakening to possibilities and the realization that one needs to bring ones’ whole being to the table — mind, body and spirit to climb higher both in life and business.

I hope you have the opportunity to include Ashly at your event! If you do, you’ll see your audience rise to their feet and shout with the sheer joy at the opportunities before them…with open hearts and minds! Ashly Torian rocked the house!

-Jane Creed,
President and CEO of WineShop At Home