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~A Journey To The Soul~

For Graduates of The Armor Up Program

Armor Up Life is a deeper dive into the Alignment of our Mind, Heart, & Emotions. Here we continue the journey of BEcoming more of who we are meant to BE and LIVE how we are meant to LIVE.

I invite you to step right into Armor Up Life. This is where we put all of our tools to use. We learn to do life with them, so they become a natural part of our way of BE-ing. This way, hiccups, and curves don’t pull you off track from what you love most AND want most to create.

In Armor Up Life, we have a new project each month to help you maintain presence and focus with the 3 Brains and how they impact your health, relationships, finances, career, and spiritual walk.

It consists of a LIVE zoom coaching call with Ashly each week (4 per month or 48 per year) PLUS membership to a private Facebook group.

Armor Up Life Continues Monthly

Next Session Starts on the First Thursday of the Month

Special Annual Subscription Price $997 per year

Monthly Option $99 per month

A few of the Projects include:

The Board of Directors Project – Who is on the board of directors of your business? This is stepping into the archetype behaviors that prevent us from fully showing up. In this project, we rewrite the story so the archetypes on your board of directors are the truest and fullest version of you.

The Attitude Project – The attitude you carry while building your life is the difference between living in the status quo or living your heart’s desire.

The Repatterning Project – Repattern behaviors that are holding you hostage and keeping you from living your heart’s desire.

The Attraction Project – What are you attracting into your life? Is it in alignment with your heart’s desire? Learn how to attract all the things that will up-level you and create time, energy, and wealth.

The Imagine Project – What is your heart’s desire – recalibrate it and put the non-negotiables in place, take action every day so you LIVE the fruits of your heart’s desire.

The Cleanse Project – Give your body and soul a good cleaning out. This consists of a physical, mental, and emotional cleanse. Clean it out so you live free from the muck.

And So Much More!

  • Live Mindset Coaching Call each week – they are recorded for your listening convenience. Content, Q&A, and group coaching included.

  • Live Facebook chat to address the Ah-Ha, Woohoo, and Oh Boys! Immediately.

  • Access to the Armor Up Life Facebook Group where you will receive inspiration and activities to further engage YOU in the process of mastering your mind.

Master your Mind & BE FREE! Pretty amazing, huh?!

Still on the fence? No worries… check this out!

Cheering Section

I am a mom of four, married, and living more of my life because of the programs I have followed with Ashly. I have learned to deal with and release so much from my life to live it better and happier. The program has taught me to feel everything and take nothing for granted. My experiences are what have shaped me into who I am today good or bad. Ashly has taught me to recognize what I am feeling and release it.

I started with Armor Up Bootcamp and moved up to Armor Up Life after I felt like I was ready to take the next step. The program progression is based on your progress and what you need. Ashly is hands-on, and I have used her at some exceedingly difficult times in my life to let go of my negative feelings and replace them with Affirmations. I highly recommend the program for self-awareness, and it has helped me to build in my business as well!

-Jess Lazo Duffin

My journey with Ashly began as an opportunity to create a vision around my business. I was excited to let go of the chaotic stress I had created and move slow to accomplish great things. In that process, I did learn how to create space for everything rather than running around with my hair on fire. I have added people to my team and met my sales goal every month. But what I gained was actually so much more than that.

I have been able to resolve the anxiety surrounding my children, my marriage, and the next steps in my career. I am now capable of being present enough to help my child release her fears and worries. I am stepping into a new career path that I would have normally passed over due to anxiety and self-doubt.

The weight of chaos and anxiety were so heavy within me they were affecting me physically as well. It was never my plan to step into weight loss with Ashly’s program. I had come to a point where I had just accepted my weight because I felt trapped in the habits I had formed. Once the anxiety lifted from my shoulders I could see the possibility of healthy habits. It actually began to feel attainable to change habits and live a healthier lifestyle.

I began Ashly’s New You in 90 days program. Again, thinking and being slow and intentional about the way I thought and felt about food and exercise. The reality is that that concept of slow and releasing the negative feelings has been an imperative non-negotiable step in the process of change throughout all of these aspects.

I am so proud to say that after 60 days on that program I’m 17 lbs lighter. But that 17 lbs is so much more. It represents eating food that makes me feel good, more energized, and less fatigued. I’m not in a sugar cycle anymore. Rather, my body is happy and functioning properly. I was dealing with pretty severe acid reflux that has disappeared. I’m proud of the healthy habits I exemplify for my kids who are also now eating more vegetables.

My journey is not over. But I am so proud of how far I have come.

-Kelli Odom

I love how I am more aware of my thoughts. Being the observer and letting them go. Each day is truly a challenge, but when I make time to meditate, exercise and take care of me, my day has more ease. I’m really enjoying the book, the untethered soul. When I read the chapter on Fear, I was in the car and it made me emotional. I resonated so much with it. Awareness is what I am getting from this bootcamp, and I am so grateful. <3

-Sabrina Lamberson

I’ve known for a while I needed to make some changes in my thought life.  I was setting goals but was unable to see them through.  

Ashly’s Armor Up Mindset Bootcamp helped me to SLOW down, discover MY truth, gave me ways to daily focus on that truth and to STAND FIRM for me in all aspects of my life. She is effortless in her teaching which makes it obvious she lives and practices what she speaks. Wisdom – my one-word descriptor of Ashly Torian.

-Jamie Oliveaux

Donnita KoontzI am blessed to have had the opportunity of working with Ashly Torian earlier this year. I have a new perspective… a positive one. Her encouragement combined with all the information that she shared with me, greatly helped me in a time in my life that was challenging. Things were weighing me down physically, emotionally and indeed mentally. Now, I know where I am heading, and the building blocks of “work” given to me by Ashly… is priceless for my renewed open mindset! My business is building and flourishing. I am a Senior Wine Consultant and am working towards my next promotion. I indeed attribute it to the tools provided to me by her.

-Donnita Koontz
Senior Wine Shop Consultant
Wine Shop at Home

One-On-One Coaching

I considered myself a healthy person but, I was hungry all the time and I suffered from abdominal discomfort and sever stomach pains. Even with this, I never thought of food as controlling me. I just assumed that this was the way I was. However, I knew something wasn’t right. I wasn’t achieving my health goals, I was frustrated and discouraged.

Through working with Ashly, I realized that I was completely trapped by food. Through her guidance my anxiety around food and need for snacking stopped. My stomach pains went away. I became free from the grip food had on my life!

If a few short months I am on the road to achieving my health goals. Now that I am free from food, I have the freedom to enjoy food, reach my goals in life and health and seek satisfaction in all areas of my life. Freedom is beautiful!

-Amy Lemire

The Next Armor Up Life Module begins on August 5th!
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Special Annual Subscription Price $997 per year

Monthly Option $99 per month

I will see you soon!

Hugs and love,


*Armor Up Life Cancellation Policy: 

With the month-to-month membership option, you may cancel your membership at any time with a 30-day notice.

With the Annual Membership, you may cancel your membership any time after 3 months of being in the program then with a 30-day notice.