Leap into the Holidays with Body Confidence

Are you ready to flow through the holidays unscathed by all the goodies surrounding you? 

Welcome to the answer for keeping the holiday weight OFF! I am so excited to share this program with you. I have incorporated many of the E.N.D. Zone tools into this info product that will guide you through keeping the holiday weight OFF!

By doing this program, you will be ready to rock your business and your life at the start of the New Year. No having to wait around for weight loss success OR getting sidetracked away from what you WANT to do because of a dieting dilemma.

~Get a head start TODAY~

Special Event Pricing 

Only $47

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The secret for keeping the holiday weight OFF successfully is to watch these videos BEFORE Thanksgiving. Get ready. You will be relaxed and confident as you head into the Holidays. Check out the details!

Part 1 is all about why we do food the way that we do, i.e. your current eating protocol. What the drawbacks are around our current diet and the HolidayWorkbook-AdCopysimple yet effective changes we can make that puts good health and sustainable weight loss back in our court. You’ve got to know your current standing with food BEFORE you can begin to leap into the holidays.

Part 2 is all about developing your own style of eating that FITS into your lifestyle, your likes, and your needs during this holiday season. We will dive into toxic nutritional beliefs to discover what is true and untrue, good food vs bad food so you and your body don’t get confused during this wonderful and glorious time of year.

Part 3 is all about taking ownership of your journey. Diets are individual, no one diet works the same for everyone. Taking ownership brings empowerment to you and the way you nourish your body with food and exercise. Taking ownership brings a balance and consistency to your daily program which brings you sustainable weight loss.

Did I mention that you are going to be ahead of the game come 2017?

Part 4 is all about the Holiday tips and tricks that have been so helpful to me and my clients over the years! Find out the 3 simple tricks to prevent the holiday extras from creeping on. You will enter into 2017 free from 2016 celebration baggage.

The fabulous thing about this program is this…

You will get 4 video recordings of this dynamic material

AND a 27 page e-Guidebook filled with home-play materials

PLUS unlimited email coaching


 Special Event Pricing $47

Join us this holiday season as we all LEAP into the Holidays with Confidence!

 IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not redirected, after payment, to the product page, please contact me so I can send you the direct link. info@ashlytorian.com

Once you go through the payment process, you will be re-directed to the download page where you can pick up all your goodies. Be sure to bookmark this page. You will also receive an email confirming your purchase with the download link.

Enjoy your Journey through the Holidays!