Black Friday Digital Vitality Bundle

Get ready to live your best life and get out of the emotional, physical, and spiritual muck…

In this very special limited-time digital bundle, you will learn how to increase your vitality, maximize your wellness, and resolve the emotional blocks that are holding you back! All at your own pace, on your terms, from wherever you are most comfortable – with these 3 digital vitality programs!


Check it out… You will receive lifetime access to all of these programs:


In the EmRes© digital program, you can release, resolve and let go of past experiences at your own pace, on your own terms.


Emotional Resolution [EmRes©] is a natural, safe, and proven process of integrating the body’s innate ability to permanently resolve stressful emotions, unhealthy behavior patterns, and physical symptoms triggered by life.

In this 2 part video class, participants will learn:

    • why you still REACT to situations that happened years ago.

    • how they can eliminate current stressors that hold them back.

    • why coping mechanisms, like deep breathing, don’t resolve the emotional stressor for good.

    • how to access their natural capacity to resolve any emotion in the moment.

Instead of accepting stressful emotions such as (anxiety, fear, anger, shame, procrastination, self-doubt, avoidance…) as an inevitable part of life, learn the tools to support your emotional well-being.

You will receive lifetime access to the training videos and the handy EmRes© guide.

The 2-part EmRes Digital Program is regularly $197



BE FREE and END the Struggle


This is THE Fat-Loss Program to END your struggle with your weight!

This  90-day system combines the best of both worlds – Fat Loss AND Mind Body Nutrition. This is the key that unlocks the cage to YOUR food and body struggles.

  1. LOSE the stubborn fat that has refused to budge with the TRUHealth System that is formulated to support the body’s natural processes to burn fat and cleanse the body of the toxins that are stored in fat. (Products sold separately.)
  2. Mind Body Nutrition protocols is THE way to keep the fat loss forever. It provides the tools needed to keep you living in a body you love. Cause let’s face it…food didn’t get you where you are today…it isn’t the “bad” guy. Behaviors and Emotions are the culprits. So, let’s dive in and work with those.

This program is regularly $99


Ultimate Health Breakthrough System

7 Steps to Elevate Your Health and Increase Your Vitality

In this 4-part digital program, you will learn why elevating your STATE is so important, you will discover how to easily live well, and how to jumpstart your mental clarity.

In the Elevate Your State module you will learn the 7 components to vibrant health and the 1 tool to help you elevate your state-of-being that brings balance to your whole body.

In the Living Well module, you will gain an understanding of how the physical body operates optimally and how to tap into that power on a daily basis. Goodbye fatigue and bellyaches! Say hello to energy and vitality!

In the JumpStart Mental Clarity module, you will tap into your greatest power. Knowing what to do and what to say will come with ease and confidence with these simple yet effective tools.

This program is regularly $297

And as my special gift to you, you will also receive…

  1. Free ticket to the 1-day Masterclass in January! Details coming soon!
  2. First access to sign up for the next Armor Up Group Coaching program that you have been hearing so much about!
  3. Special pricing on my new Qi-Gong camp – Coming Soon!